OuR story -
the short verson

Stubblebine Lutherie was born in a cabin on the Appalachian Trail deep in the mountains of  Virginia...



In a town where one can readily find all manner of very expensive and finely crafted stringed instruments, we present you with a rag-tag collection of old favorites, curious oddities, cult classics, and the occasional offspring of the Martin, Gibson, Guild variety.

Guitars branded Harmony, Kay, Silvertone, and the like win the day on our workbenches. We attend to them with an eye toward making them the best instruments possible. Gone is the high action, bad intonation and poorly made bridges, nuts, and saddles. You will be amazed to hear how these instruments come alive when properly restored.


We exist to support the creativity of musicians at every level. Whether you are a seasoned veteran of stage and studio or picking up an instrument for the first time, our aim is to be a partner in keeping you sounding your best.  We'll make sure you are prepared to take your art to the next level and help you stay inspired every step along the way!